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Genesis Presents in School Mental Health and Wellness Conference



School_Mental_HealthGenesis Community Health’s behavior health team presented in June at the 6th Annual Mental Health and Wellness Conference held at Atlantic High School in Delray Beach.
They spoke about mental health and substance abuse to other counseling professionals from community agencies who help students with mental health and wellness issues. More specifically, our staff discussed the topic: Instilling Hope, Resiliency and Empowerment in Today’s Adolescence.

Genesis was nominated to present by the Palm Beach County School District 2019 Wellness Conference Committee.

“We provided valuable information to adults so they can instill hope in today’s struggling adolescence,” said Joe Toste, who is director of behavioral health services at Genesis. “We hope our presentation gave the attendees some tools they can use to empower today’s youth to be the very best they can be in today’s chaotic, unstable world.”

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