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Genesis Gets New Director of Social Services



Joe ToseJoe Toste is our new director of social services. He’s been a licensed clinical social worker at Genesis Community Health for more than a year, and he replaced Keisha Henry. At his new role, Joe looks forward to expanding Genesis’ behavioral and mental health services in schools and across Palm Beach County.

My goal for the staff is to provide a positive, enriching, empowering environment where our staff can use their unique skills and talents to serve the needs of our staff members and our patients. As a department, my goal is to further integrate the needs of our primary care clinics, school-based clinics and our dental clinics. My goal is to incorporate a concept called Trauma Informed Care into the treatment plan for our patients.

Born in New York City, Joe grew up Palm Beach County, attending high school, college and graduate school in the community. He came to Genesis with experience in working with those addicted to drugs and suffering from the opioid crisis.

I worked at an inpatient drug treatment facility where I saw firsthand the opioid epidemic and its devastating effects on the addict and their loved ones.”

He didn’t always set out to become a social worker.

While I was completing my undergraduate degree, my goal was to attend law school but I accepted a position working with the Florida Department of Children and Families as a Child Abuse Investigator and have been in the field of social work for over 21 years and I have no regrets.

When he’s not at work, Joe enjoys spending time with his 8-year-old daughter, Jasmine, and his family, going to “theme parks, riding rollercoasters, attending concerts, dancing, and of course, Netflix.”

What does Joe like most about his job?

I am truly giving the patient the gift of myself by providing empathy and compassion to patients who are in great need.”

Congratulations, Joe, on your new job!

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